Sodick ‘goes large’ with latest technology at MACH

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Sodick Europe, together with sole UK distributor Sodi-Tech EDM, will be ‘going large’ at this year’s MACH (Birmingham NEC, 20-24 April), with its biggest-ever stand at the exhibition. Examples of the latest Sodick technology across a range of machining and production processes will be on show, not only wire and die-sink EDM, but high-speed milling and injection moulding.

Seen for the first time anywhere on Stand 310 in Hall 20, will be a prototype of the 5-axis K4HL small hole drilling machine, developed specifically to meet the requirements of aerospace companies required to drill thousands of precision holes in exotic materials for jet engine turbines.

Elsewhere on the stand will be the Sodick UH650L high-speed machining centre, which incorporates linear drives in all axes. Unlike conventional machines, the UH650L combines both rough and finish milling in one operating mode.

For exhibition visitors looking to take wire EDM accuracy to the next level, the ALC400P is the answer; every element of the AL-P series has been developed to satisfy demanding requirements, for example a pitch accuracy of ±1 micron.

ALC-P machines incorporate as standard an inverter-type dielectric chiller that monitors and maintains the dielectric temperature to within ±1°C, minimising thermal effects inside the work-area. An additional thermal sensor is installed within the work tank for even more accurate temperature control. Even the door to the machine has been considered, and is constructed of carbon fibre to minimise weight shift.

Also at MACH, the VL600Q, part of Sodick’s VL series range of advanced performance wire EDMs, builds on the technologies of the AL series. The large-capacity VL600Q is suited to a range of machining applications, and incorporates advanced tension servo control, precision pick-up function, an energy-saving circuit and a dielectric cooling unit. Options include a rotary table, a large wire spool feeder and a PCD tool-cutting package.

From a die-sinking perspective, the AD35L demonstrates Sodick’s dedication to using 3D design systems and the latest CAE technologies. Numerous simulations have made it possible to create an improved basic machine structure with increased rigidity, to minimise deformation and enable optimum performance at high speed. Furthermore, the design of independent X and Y axes, plus an efficient machine layout, leads to a longer stroke, smaller footprint and accurate machining capability.

Visitors will also be able to see the AG60L, which is the best-selling model in Sodick’s AG range. This machine provides high speed, high-accuracy cutting, incorporating linear-drive technology and simplified control mechanisms, while offering a direct link between the drive and control to facilitate the fastest-possible servo response and optimal spark gaps at all times.

Last, but by no means least, Sodick’s newly developed injection moulding machine is making its MACH debut. The GL30-LP incorporates a two-stage plunger injection system, the V-Line, which is designed to provide three critical capabilities: a consistent plasticising heat profile, a constant filling volume and constant holding pressure.