Seco Tools gets together with MachineMetrics to offer data-driven improvements for customers

2 mins read

​Seco Tools is expanding its customer service capabilities through a partnership with MachineMetrics to provide customers with new digital services.

Part of a global initiative, Seco plans to use the MachineMetrics Industrial IoT platform and its manufacturing analytics applications as a cornerstone to aid customers in making data-driven decisions to improve their efficiency and bottom line.

Leveraging Seco´s experience in tooling with MachineMetrics´ data collection capabilities will help both Seco and MachineMetrics customers gain a deeper understanding of what´s happening with their tools in real-time. These insights may include predicting tool life, preventing tool breakages, and feed and speed optimisation.

“This partnership offers an exciting opportunity for both MachineMetrics and Seco Tools to demonstrate the value of data-driven manufacturing and analytics to Seco Tools users around the world,” says Bill Bither, CEO of MachineMetrics. “Together, we can uncover industry-first insights into machine tool and tooling optimisation that will enhance the availability and reliability of machines for customers.”

MachineMetrics’ manufacturing analytics engine will provide Seco and its customers a technological resource for their advancement into Industry 4.0. “Seco has always been committed to providing our customers with the best products and services available. Partnering with MachineMetrics will allow us to not only continue to help our customers learn about themselves but will transform our ability to help them improve their machine tool utilisation and production capacity,” adds Ben Alexander, business manager online services at Seco Tools.

With the MachineMetrics Production Monitoring application, Seco will enable its global customers to gain visibility into their production using an easy to use, do-it-yourself, completely customisable manufacturing machine monitoring system. As a cloud-based platform, MachineMetrics allows manufacturers to collect, monitor and analyse data from any and all types of machines, from anywhere and with any Internet-connected device to track OEE performance, identify production bottlenecks, take action with real-time notifications, predict and prevent costly downtime events, measure process improvements, and enhance shop floor communications.

The historical and real-time machine data collected by MachineMetrics allows users to gain insight into their machine tool health, identify new service needs with analytics and reporting, predict and deliver early warning of potential machine or tooling failures directly in contact with their subcontractors, highlight elevated risk areas that lead to machine downtime, or even determine to take preventative action before it impacts a customer´s machine performance. The information will also provide the necessary data for improving quality to cost ration right from the design phase.

“MachineMetrics has provided us valuable insight into our own Custom Products facility in Troy, Michigan, allowing us to reduce our lead-time while improving On-Time Delivery and quality. Now, by partnering with MachineMetrics, we see the opportunity to do the same for our customers,” explains Rob Keenan, president of Seco Tools North America. “By analysing data output from machine tools, we can deploy our technical experts to work closely with our customers to identify bottlenecks and other issues that lead to extended machine down time. MachineMetrics is another tool that enables Seco to take cost out of our customer's operation while improving their productivity.”

While other monitoring solutions can take months to integrate, over half of MachineMetrics customers are able to install systems themselves and start capturing data within 24 hours. Based on machine controls and types, MachineMetrics unique ability to connect to any type of machine through the control allows them to monitor as many as 100 machine aspects, such as temperatures and pressures of loaders, what line of code is running, the current tool in use and much more.