Seco moves to a new state-of-the-art European distribution centre

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​To ensure sustainability and efficient distribution operations, Seco Tools has opened a new fully automated facility in Den Hoorn, Netherlands.

The new Distribution Centre will service all of Europe and provide capacity for future growth while further strengthening the company’s customer support and responsiveness.

The company’s current European Distribution Centre operations will move to the new modern, ergonomic and sustainable Den Hoorn facility. As such, customers will benefit from an improved, reliable, standardised and automated order-fulfillment process.

The location of the new Distribution Centre provides the best possible logistics for highly systemised order fulfilment. To ensure employee sustainability, the ergonomic design of the facility’s automated workstations will contribute significantly to boosting the vitality and well-being of employees.

“The new Distribution Centre is an extremely important project for Seco and completing it as quickly as possible and on schedule was imperative,” said Stefan Steenstrup, president of Seco Tools. “From the onset, the project was a top priority for us and a total group effort to further boost our efficiency and provide our customers with the best possible service.”

Completely operational by February 2022, the new 15,000 square metre facility is the latest addition to Seco in-house distribution operations.

Through its innovative automated Order Storage and Retrieval System (OSR), the Den Hoorn Distribution Centre will allow Seco to ship about 30% less packaging “air” to customers and reduce the overall use of packaging materials, and because the OSR system is modular, the facility is expandable for future business needs.

For even greater order filling efficiency, the new facility’s multi-functional, automated workstations are tailored to Seco work processes and requirements and allow employees to process orders seamlessly at each workstation.

“With the new distribution center, we heighten our sense of responsibility and pride in providing the best services customers have come to expect,” said Jeroen de Waaij, logistics manager for Europe. “As operations at the new center get underway, we will make the transition as smooth as possible for customers.”