Rocol releases fluid solutions brochure

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Rocol has published a machine shop solutions brochure to highlight a selection of products that can improve productivity, reduce costs and lower environmental footprint.

The 20-page brochure is just a snapshot of the range available from Rocol, which is known for its hand-applied RTD cutting and tapping lubricants. Rocol also specialises in cutting fluids, fluid care products, slide-way lubricants and cleaners, corrosion protection solutions, metal marking inks, and metal forging lubricants.

Whether running a CNC machine shop, welding and fabrication facility, cold or hot metal forging plant, or a plastic injection moulding business, the latest brochure offers the right fluid for the application. The publication provides details on various product lines, the benefits, container sizes and part codes for ordering purposes.

For example, the brochure includes details of RTD hand-applied cutting lubricants, which come in many formats: liquid, compound, FoamCut (a foaming spray), aerosol spray and chlorine-free alternatives such as CleanCut. From the cutting fluid stable, details of the V-cut brand of coolants, and the complementary UltraGuard, UltraGlide and UltraClean series of machine tool ‘care’ products, are included alongside supporting equipment such as the automatic fluid mixer and refractometer.

Corrosion protection is a critical factor in prolonging the life of plant and equipment, while ensuring the workshop runs at optimum levels with minimal downtime and maintenance. To this end, the brochure includes details on the latest range of Rocol MoistureGuard corrosion protection.

For application-specific instances, the brochure includes information on mould release products for the mould and die industry, metal marking sprays and fluids, the FlawFinder products for NDT, spatter release spray for the welding and fabricating fraternity, and the MetalFlo series of lubricants for the hot and cold forging sectors.