Renishaw supports the future of manufacturing in Scotland

2 mins read

To showcase how Scottish manufacturers can use advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing (AM) to improve their processes, global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, has joined the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS).

This institute brings together industry, academia and the public sector to work on ground-breaking manufacturing research that will help local companies boost productivity and upskill the workforce.

As part of its membership, Renishaw has installed AM systems at the new NMIS headquarters opening later this year, and will provide its expertise to members, enabling them to develop lighter, more efficient components for high-value industries.

Renishaw will collaborate with other NMIS members to share its expertise in ongoing projects, helping manufacturers unlock the true potential of AM as part the NMIS Digital Factory. This includes projects where manufacturers use AM processes to develop strong, yet lightweight, products by designing complex geometries and using advanced materials.

Renishaw also provides a range of technologies to the centre, enabling manufacturers to develop an effective end-to-end process. By supplying its range of probing technologies and other digital tools, Renishaw can support projects and help Scottish manufacturers remain competitive.

"As a member of the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) and now a member of NMIS, we are excited to see the continued growth of the manufacturing industry in Scotland,” explained Ewan Durie, area sales manager at Renishaw.

“Collaborating with NMIS and other industry experts enables us to better understand how manufacturers in various sectors can benefit from AM and adapt our technology to suit their needs. By hosting our equipment at its site for other manufacturers to use, as well as leading a technology day dedicated to AM later this year, we hope to encourage more manufacturers to discover the benefits of this advanced technology.”

“Renishaw has recently transferred its membership from the AFRC to the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland to further support industry growth in Scotland. We look forward to developing our relationship even further and stimulating new connections and collaborations with other members and industrial partners,” explained Stephen Fitzpatrick, director NMIS Digital Factory. “Now is an exciting time for us as we prepare to open our new HQ and continue investing in and developing game-changing additive manufacturing approaches and technologies. We’re delighted that Renishaw is on this journey with us.

"Partnering with experts in engineering, such as Renishaw, allows us to provide Scottish businesses with the tools and techniques required to push the limits of advanced manufacturing. By sharing successful projects, we aim to help manufacturers in Scotland overcome barriers to adopting new technologies and understand how to use technologies like AM to their advantage,” concluded Fitzpatrick.

The NMIS is a group of industry-led manufacturing research and development facilities with a network of partners across Scotland, brought together to boost the manufacturing community. Members in industry, academia and the public sector collaborate on manufacturing research to transform productivity levels, make companies more competitive and boost the skills of our current and future workforce.