Proto Labs announces additional injection moulding capabilities

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Proto Labs is demonstrating its strategy of continual evolution with new injection moulding services for European customers.

To expand its injection moulding services — the most established of Proto Labs’ three services — Proto Labs now offers additional Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) capabilities to support the manufacturer of larger parts.

Proto Labs customers can now order LSR moulded parts to a maximum part outline of 304mm by 203mm by 100mm. The firm says that, technically, this can produce a part with maximum projected mould area of 31,200mm² and maximum part volume of 217,000mm³. Customers can order parts, manufactured on-demand, in volumes of 100,000 and more.

Explains UK general manager Lee Ball: “We are in a phase where we are growing all of our services, as demonstrated by our largest ever European investment (in injection moulding and CNC machines) earlier this year. Since then we have increased our on-demand manufacturing capacity for injection moulding to accommodate orders of more than 100,000 parts. Now, in response to customer feedback and demand, we’ve expanded our LSR service offering by increasing the size of the parts we can manufacture.”

Proto Labs will now look to further develop all areas of the business.