Prodrive Composites adopt lean processes with MSC

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​Prodrive Composites – one of the UK’s largest composite manufacturers – is reducing costs and boosting productivity with support from MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK, having implemented a new inventory management solution as part of a three-year contract with the maintenance repair and operations (MRO) supplier.

As a result of the changing landscape, Prodrive Composites needed to get products to market faster, but more sustainably and efficiently than ever before. Therefore, to keep pace and remain competitive, they reviewed their supplier base whereby they saw an opportunity for a positive change.

Looking beyond what a traditional supplier could offer, they found a partnership with MSC – a leader in the supply of metalworking and MRO products and services. What’s more is, MSC specialises in transforming operations, and driving improvements which ensure streamlined and efficient processes.

With the introduction of ControlPoint Industrial Vending, MSC is ensuring Prodrive Composites will have instant access to the products it needs to keep operations running smoothly, including personal protective equipment and other fast-moving consumables. By making these resources available at the point of use, productivity and efficiency can be dramatically improved.

Additionally, by managing levels of consumption, the inventory management system will support consumption reduction by up to 40%, eliminate the need to invest in carrying excess inventory and minimise downtime brought about through stockouts.

Rowan Carstensen, operations manager at Prodrive, said: “With MSC, we believe we have found a supplier who is aligned with our own goals, so we’re excited to see the benefits of our relationship over the coming years. The vending system which has been installed is already making a difference to our operations and providing valuable insight into how we are using our inventory.

In time, this will have a significant impact on our business and directly support our growth strategy, particularly around our ambitions to improve sustainability, repeatability and efficiency through lean processes.”

Donna Smith, business development manager at MSC, added: “As an industrial supplier, we are on a mission to redefine supplier partnerships. We do this by going beyond the supply of products and ensuring we identify and drive improvements which help customers to achieve their long-term goals.

"That’s why our relationship with Prodrive is built around what’s important to them, which means doing everything we can to support their long-term vision of business growth through sustainable, lean practices.

“As well as implementing our vending system which will reduce costs and boost productivity, we’ll be working closely with Prodrive to carry out quarterly business reviews. This will ensure we can continually support them in meeting their wider goals and objectives and add genuine value as a supplier.”

Prodrive Composites work with leading manufacturers in specialist sectors such as automotive, aerospace and marine to design and manufacture advanced lightweight composites for a range of applications.

With a successful record for supporting some of the most established automotive and aerospace businesses in the industry, MSC is perfectly positioned to support Prodrive Composites on their mission to build a better future and achieve their long-term business goals.