Paneltex opens new kitting facility

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​Paneltex has opened a new export kitting facility, a state-of-the-art self-contained factory facility in Sutton Fields.

With an initial capacity of 50 vehicle body kits per week, the facility is expected to supply Paneltex products across North America. The facility’s capacity is scalable, relying on a lean, dynamic flow line that allows for accommodation of all forms of Paneltex’s new bespoke vehicle body kits.

The Paneltex home delivery vehicle kit is an innovative flat-pack grocery home delivery vehicle, including all panels, fixings, aerodynamic GRP components, sealants and adhesives. This novel kit is the only one of its kind on the market, reducing shipping costs and receipt time by allowing customers access to Paneltex quality vehicle bodies on their choice of locally-obtained chassis.

All assembly and mounting is conducted by specially selected Paneltex approved upfitters to ensure the quality and longevity of these Paneltex vehicles.

The move to this new facility is part of an overall growth plan at Paneltex, taking manufacturing capacity across all UK-based sites to 5000 units per year.

Of the decision to place another new facility in Hull, Paneltex export sales manager Sam Berridge, said: “Hull has been the home of Paneltex for 30 years, and we love being given opportunities to reinvest in the community.

"This new facility, in close proximity to the docks, allows us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently while bringing more jobs to the Hull area.”

The new export facility and the Paneltex Home Delivery Vehicle kit provide an opportunity for grocery stores worldwide to expand their fleets, using Paneltex’s revolutionary lightweight vehicle body-building technologies and extensive experience to improve their service to customers across the globe.

With this new facility, designed on industry-leading manufacturing principles for flexibility and reliability, Paneltex can ensure that Hull remains the universal top name in grocery home delivery vehicles.