Okuma launches new package including lathe and innovative robot solution

Okuma Europe is extending a campaign until 31 March, 2024, which gives buyers the opportunity to acquire the Genos L2000-e lathe in combination with the innovative Okuma Robot Cell (ORC) Minitend automation solution.

The Affordable Excellence with Automation’ campaign gives companies the chance to make an easy and cost-effective entry into automations production, at a competitive price.

Okuma says the Genos L2000-e lathe provides outstanding machining precision and performance in a wide range of materials and by integrating the Okuma Robot Cell (ORC) Minitend with it, aims to boost productivity.

The innovative IRB1300-12 robot included in the package can safely and accurately load workpieces up to 7kg and 120mm in diameter into the machine, meeting a wide range of production requirements.

Okuma is represented in the UK by NCMT Ltd, which has its Technical Centre in Coventry.