Nasmyth Group signs space contract

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Global precision engineering company Nasmyth Group will manufacture the spacecraft transport container for Eurostar Neo – one of two new satellite product lines of the European Space Agency’s Next Generation Platform NEOSAT.

The container will house the ‘clean room’, enabling its safe transportation by road, rail, sea or air. It has self-generation and air conditioning with full external/internal monitoring system in place.

The container will be supplied with two removable transfer trollies that will allow the spacecraft to be rotated 360 degrees and is capable of powered movement from both horizontal and vertical planes. This will be supplied with all test and operating equipment.

The NEOSAT programme aims to support Airbus Defence and Space in providing a commercially attractive platform in the mid-range and high-end telecommunication satellite segments.

Says Nasmyth Group chief Peter Smith: "This is another significant step in the growth of Nasmyth Group in the space sector. We are delighted to have secured such a prestigious contract, which builds on our strong portfolio of work with Airbus Defence and Space. The design and manufacturing expertise that Nasmyth will bring to the Eurostar Neo platform will demonstrate our capabilities to produce spacecraft transport containers.”

The spacecraft transport container and the turnaround trollies will both be manufactured at Nasmyth’s CE facility based in Coventry. This project will see the site’s workforce increase by 25%, ensuring the delivery to Airbus Defence and Space by March 2019. Nasmyth is also being supported by Kent-based EPS Logistics for the design of the container and trollies.