Nakamura-Tome to launch turning machines at MACH

1 min read

Nakamura-Tome will show some new mill-turning machines for the first time at MACH 2014.

Visitors will be able to look at the new NTJ-100, which is a B-axis, twin-turret, twin-spindle milling and turning centre. It's aimed at engineers who wish to make small components with multiple features, particularly where angular positioning is required. The NTJ-100 offers the ability to mount up to six turning tools on the face of the upper turret, which can be tilted to machine the workpiece using the B-axis. With 12 milling tool stations on each turret, or 24 turning tool stations on each turret, this gives a maximum capacity of 54 tools. A single-spindle lathe called the AS200 will also be on show. This is a Y-axis machine with a milling capability on a footprint of just 1,650 by 1,600 mm. A compact design on both the NTJ-100 and the AS200 means they can be transported in a standard 20 ft container, which keeps transport costs down. The final machine on show is the WT150II, the latest version of Nakamura-Tome twin-turret, twin-spindle, multi-tasking mill-turning centre. This is fitted with the latest NTIPS PC-based user interface.