MACH 2024 spotlights strength of UK manufacturing with Optimax imaging and inspection showcase

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The MACH 2024 exhibition held at the NEC from 15-19 April focused on industrial manufacturing in the UK and attracted around 26,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors and was organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA).

Among the standout exhibitors was Optimax Imaging and Inspection, who seized the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge solutions for in-production metrology.

With a wide range of measurement and inspection solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into manufacturing processes they provide measurement automation on the shop floor and it attracted more than 1000 visitors.

The exhibited products included 3D scanners, vision inspection instruments, vision CNC 3-axis measurement systems, benchtop optical comparators, coordinate measurement machines, and autonomous AI-based automated machine vision.

Technology was exhibited from companies such as Starrett, Bruker Alicona, Vision Engineering, Evixscan and MAHR - with the products representing some of the finest on the market.

Featured products were the eviXmatic automated five-axis 3D scanning system that enables measuring and quality inspection of objects with minimal operator involvement; the Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 3D optical metrology system and the Bruker Alicona cobot measuring system; and the Inspekto S70 fully equipped out-of-the-box industrial visual inspection product with unprecedented simplicity & immediacy, that can be operationally deployed in less than a day.

The company says that for those seeking integrated solutions, "Optimax is the choice" as it has the technical expertise and support organisation to design install and support the products. By combining various products to meet specific customer needs it says it can provide a complete measurement solution rather than just a product.

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