KV Tooling wins Anca’s Tool of the Year competition

KV Tooling has taken first place in the Anca Tool of the Year competition. Brian Beland, president at KV Tooling Systems, which is based in Augusta, Maine, USA, says: “Competing with world-class tool-grinding shops from around the world with same grinding machines and winning - regardless of the size of the business - is something we are particularly proud of.”

The company’s entry was a complex tool with many features incorporated into one cutter.

“We designed the tool to satisfy a customer’s problem, where our one cutter replaced a machining requirement that previously required six tools,” says Beland. “The customer was very happy with the production gains and for us to submit the cutter to Anca’s Tool of The Year competition. We believe winning the award makes our company more marketable, give us great exposure and hopefully expands our customer base.”

Tools, all of which were produced on Anca tool and cutter grinders, were judged on criteria such as surface finish, tolerance to drawing and level of complexity.

The runner-up in the competition was Eshed Tools from Israel, while a special creativity award was bestowed upon Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk of Poland.