KMF Group invests £425,000 in the technology of the future

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Precision sheet metal manufacturers KMF Group has expanded its manufacturing capabilities by investing £425,000 in new equipment.

To enhance its industrial services and boost manufacturing productivity, KMF has brought in a state-of-the-art Bead Blast Room and a brand-new Salvagnini panel folding machine. It’s expected to accommodate the growing customer base at KMF.

Investing £75,000 in the Bead Blast System, KMF will now see its working area increase from 7.5 square metres to 14 square metres meaning that the finishing process capacity is expected to almost double.

The design of the blast system is expected to offer improved infrastructure enabling KMF to increase the variety of products it manufactures. There will be a multitude of business benefits from the Bead Blast Room investment. KMF will now be able to increase the extraction capacity, clean down faster and add semi-automation to recycling capabilities, as well as improving the working environment for the process operators.

KMF has also invested £350,000 in Salvagnini’s automated P1 Panel bending machine with the aim of streamlining business operations in the future.

The Salvagnini product will give the metal folding process an improved programming efficiency to support the prototyping of large batch production. The automated machine will add a rapid capacity for the volume product range at KMF Group. The newly installed P1 product will also act as an energy saver with KMF expecting to see energy consumption decrease compared to previous machinery.

Commercial director Keith Nicholl said: “The engineering world is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. It’s important that we move with the times by investing and creating new ways of working to stay ahead of the competition.

“Our customers will quickly see a benefit from this investment with the equipment improving efficiencies and processes."