Hurco to present extensive range at MACH 2024

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High Wycombe-based Hurco Europe will present its extensive range of products that cover machining centres, turning and automation at MACH 2024 (Hall 6, Stand 180).

Machining centres

Regarding Hurco Europe's prismatic machining equipment at MACH 2024, the accent will be on 5-axis machining as well as automation of both 3-axis and 5-axis vertical machining centres (VMCs). There will be a Hurco ProCobot Profeeder assisting the production of parts on a VM20i 3-axis VMC and an Erowa Robot Compact 80 feeding a trunnion-type 5-axis model, the VMX30Ui.

The ProCobot picks and places components and removes them after machining, with the app running directly in the Max 5 control and visible on the screen. Minimal information needs to be entered to set a job, so changeover time can be as rapid as 30 minutes, making plug-and-play, small-batch automation a reality. The Erowa cell, on the other hand, transfers the workholding as well as the part on a pallet. The choice of system depends on the application. Both solutions lend themselves well to Hurco’s typical customers, which tend to undertake small to medium batch runs.

Hurco SRTi 5-axis VMCs are popular because they have a swivelling spindle head and flush rotary table, a configuration that can be used as a 5-axis production centre or a 3-axis machine that exploits the full working volume. A VMX42SRTi with 1,067 x 610 x 610 mm travels will represent this range at the show. It has directly-encoded torque motors driving both the B-axis spindle and C-axis table. Linear scales and 20-bar coolant through the spindle are standard features.

Another Hurco 5-axis machining centre at the exhibition will be the cantilever-type VC500i. Ergonomically designed for easy operator access, it has a 520 x 450 x 400 mm working volume and a ± 100-degree swivelling trunnion carrying a rotary table, ideal for machining five faces of a component in a single set-up. As with any 5-axis centre, it drastically reduces the number of separate operations needed to completely machine a part compared with using a 3-axis machine.

A VMX60Ti 3-axis VMC equipped with a rotary-tilt table will demonstrate the versatility of this alternative 5-axis machining arrangement, particularly for prismatic machining of shaft-type components. Capital cost can be saved, as a smaller capacity machine can often be selected compared with if a dedicated 5-axis machining centre were to be used.

In addition to the popular 3-axis VM10i, which combines a small footprint with the capacity (660 x 406 x 508 mm) and performance (11 kW / 12,000 rpm) of a big 3-axis machining centre, there will be a VM ONE 3-axis VMC with a smaller Z-axis travel of 356 mm. It addresses a need, especially among subcontractors, for an entry-level machine that is super-compact, yet still capable of producing prismatic parts weighing up to 1,500 kg.

Powered by proprietary WinMax software, the Max5 control includes a solid model import option that allows 3+2 routines to be programmed on the shop floor from an IGES CAD model imported as a STEP file. It is fast, uncomplicated and takes the load off manufacturer's CAM stations. The CNC system supports both conversational programming via a colour LCD touch-screen and/or input of NC code generated off-line, with merging of the two sets of data achieved via an NC Merge function.

For the last 20 years, Hurco Europe has been sole agent in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for sales of German-built Roeders machining centres. A 5-axis, ± 115-degree trunnion, HSK E40 model will be on the Hurco stand capable of machining workpieces weighing up to 60 kg within a 500 x 500 x 300 mm working volume. The RXP501DS achieves very fine surface finish on components thanks to its extremely rigid, 7-tonne construction combined with a 42,000 rpm spindle and advanced control software.

Such production centres are frequently used for rotary die manufacture, micro-machining, bottle mould manufacture and jig grinding. An applications engineer from Germany will be available on the Hurco stand throughout the show to discuss specific applications.


A new range of four driven-tool CNC turning centres was launched by Hurco at the last MACH show, during which the 8-inch chuck version was exhibited. This year it is the turn of the 10-inch chuck variant to appear, the TMX10MYSi. All models include a programmable W-axis to position the tailstock or sub-spindle.

The turning centres offer higher specification and performance than the established and popular TMi and TMMi models. The major differences are higher power and speed plus a larger, heavier machine frame and the addition of a Y-axis to allow more versatile machining.

The servo-driven turret carries 12 VDI 40 radial tools, rather than axial tools as on the/TM Mi range. Each station offers a maximum rotational speed of 5,000 rpm and a peak output of 6.3 kW at 2,190 rpm. Hurco’s control software allows the manufacturer's proprietary conversational routines to be used for milling operations, making the package very attractive for small-volume production.

Two smaller capacity Hurco CNC lathes with a chuck capacity of 8 inches will be on show, the TM8i and the TM8Mi with axial driven tools. The latest models have a larger spindle bore than their predecessors, as well as roller guideways and a more compact footprint. The improved control features concurrent programming, estimated runtime, error check and recovery restart, and enhanced performance during rigid tapping.