Horn Cutting Tools Northern Ireland and Eire appointment

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Horn Cutting Tools Ltd, Ringwood, Hampshire, has appointed Andrew Tipple as applications engineer for Northern Ireland and Eire. He will be working with Horn area manager Mark Turnidge, supporting Dublin-based Flatley Engineering Ltd and Belfast-based 5S Supply Ltd.

Mike Green, UK general manager for Horn Cutting Tools, says: "The arrangement is similar to the existing pattern in Scotland. There, we have our own local presence – David Reekie - who also supports Peter Campbell, sales, underlining our commitment to the local market."

"Andrew is a highly experienced applications engineer and machinist, drawn from the aerospace sector.Resultantly, he has been a Horn customer for some 15 years, so we know him well. His 'availability' - stemming from his former employer's relocation – has been a happy coincidence for both parties."

Tipple concludes: "I'm very pleased to be joining Horn, a company with whose product line I have already had a lot of positive experience. I look forward to meeting Horn'' customers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. I'll be aiming to provide the high level of service and commitment that I received from Horn for many years when I was a Horn customer."