Hexagon forms production software business

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Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has formed a Production Software business, comprising Vero Software, FASys and Spring Technologies. The move will sees the three acquisitions adopt Hexagon’s corporate identity.

Vero Software, a specialist in CADCAM software, was acquired by Hexagon in 2014, and has continued to expand and diversify its offering. The 2017 acquisition of FASys brought tooling software, resource management software, shop-floor automation and integration expertise into the portfolio, while Spring Technologies, acquired in 2018, provides CNC simulation technology for G-code verification and workflow optimisation. Combining components of this portfolio of technology, Hexagon has already utilised this expertise to develop solutions for reverse engineering and on-machine measurement.

“Over the past five years our available technology and solutions have evolved considerably from the CADCAM heritage of Vero,” explains Steve Sivitter, CEO of the Production Software business. “We’re increasingly focused on developing product synergies that will help customers improve quality and productivity. Our technology experts from Vero, FASys and Spring have been working closely together for some time, so operating as a single entity is a natural step. We’re all excited at the prospect of what’s possible from creating innovative manufacturing intelligence solutions in the production software space.”

Norbert Hanke, president of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, adds: “The formation of the Production Software business complements our design, engineering and metrology businesses, enabling us to build unique solutions for our customers in manufacturing. As we develop this approach further, our experience of leveraging data from all phases of the manufacturing process will help create the autonomous connected ecosystems [ACE] that will enable smart factories.”