HellermannTyton upgrades embossing system to speed up cable marking in harsh environments

​Cable management specialist, HellermannTyton, has launched an upgraded embossing system to help with cable, pipe and component marking in harsh environments.

Created with the offshore, petrochemical, mining and marine engineering industries in mind, where damage and corrosion of cable identification markers is highly likely, the HellermannTyton M-BOSS printing system is a small and easy-to-use plate embosser which enables quick onsite printing onto stainless steel plates.

Simple to install and operate, HellermannTyton said the new M-BOSS system offers a 30% speed increase in the embossing process. Combined with a new cooling system which allows up to 10 hours of continuous printing, users are never left waiting for customised labels to be produced.

Well suited to office environments, M-BOSS runs quietly and uses user friendly Microsoft Windows-based software with pre-loaded templates to lower production costs and reduce waste when compared to slide-on markers or the outsourcing of customised label printing.

The M-BOSS machine has been tested to withstand 1.5 million strikes, offering longevity and reducing downtime.

Mary Arrowsmith, product manager at HellermannTyton, said: “Speed in cable and component marking can be essential for those working in harsh environments — not only for improving fitting times but also for the safety of those installing the components that need to be labelled.

"Our latest M-BOSS machine speeds up the process of onsite marking and means the fitting and labelling of components is one less thing to worry about during installation and maintenance in harsh environments.”

For more information about how HellermannTyton’s M-BOSS printing system, visit https://www.hellermanntyton.co.uk/