GU Cutting & Grinding Services installs 5-axis WARDJet waterjet cutting machine

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Subcontractor GU Cutting & Grinding Services has installed a WARDJet waterjet cutting machine, with full 90° 5-axis cutting capability, and Accustream intensifiers, and differentiated its cutting services from other subcontractors.

Supplying services to the aerospace industry, oil and gas, power generation and metalcrafts sectors amongst others, the new waterjet cutting system has increased waterjet cutting capacity by 50%. The company has installed a WARDJet ZX 2543 (2.5 m by 4.3 m) cutting table fitted with Psy-Winder 5-axis cutting head, together with two matching AccuStream AS 6050 intensifiers, supplied by Wightman Stewart, exclusive UK agents for both ranges. The 5-axis machine sits alongside two existing waterjet cutting tables, also acquired through Wightman Stewart, which are used mainly for jobbing 2D cutting of metallic or non-metallic materials. The Psy-Winder 5-axis cutting head is a precision tool that is designed to cut bevels, undertake weld preparations and cut more complex shapes. It can be programmed to cut any three dimensional part between 0-90°. Its major advantage is the ability to cut a profile from a flat or angled piece of material at a pre-defined angle anything between 0-90°. In addition, the cutting head can be programmed to cut a contoured profile with the head remaining 90° to the material profile/surface. This makes the Psy -Winder ideal for the cutting of contoured surfaces, while offering all the facilities of 3-axis cutting, such as bevel cutting or providing an angle for weld preparation. Taper compensation of the cutting head results in increased geometric accuracy at faster cutting speeds. Dedicated software makes it fast and easy to program bevels on parts or to allow for taper compensation - virtually eliminating the taper commonly found on parts cut by a waterjet. Psy-Winder can create parts more quickly and accurately than with conventional waterjet and can be used as an alternative to other forms profiling, such as CNC machining and wire erosion, it is claimed. "We are committed to giving our customers best value and the 5-axis WARDJet gives us a distinct competitive advantage. We have the capacity and capability to consider cutting anything with waterjet and are happy to provide trial cutting and samples free of charge. The exciting element will be demonstrating the capabilities of waterjet cutting in not just metallic materials but also wood, plastics, glass and many others," says Neil Kearns, managing director of GU.