Grooving, milling and more from Horn Cutting Tools at MACH (stand 5358)

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Technically innovative, highly capable tooling systems are being put before UK manufacturing industry by Horn Cutting Tools at MACH 2016.

The April event will present the scope of capabilities offered by the Ringwood-based German-owned company, ranging from delicate micro machining facilities based on the Supermini type 105 to substantial specialised tooling systems required by heavy industry.

Among the current focus of attention are new grooving and part-off systems utilising internally routed pressurised coolant galleries. Horn now offers modular grooving systems based on grooving cartridges 845 and 842 for use with the S100 grooving system offering groove widths of 2.5, 3 and 4 mm with grooving depth from 22 to 105 mm. All are compatible with a wide range of turret options.

The new system offers a range of coolant supply options that includes delivery via nozzles to the side of the inserts, via the clamping finger, and via both the clamping finger and the insert support. Coolant can also be successfully supplied directly through the insert to the cutting edge. All of these enhance productivity and tool life.

Mike Green, general manager of Horn Cutting Tools, says: “We endeavour to cover as many options as possible so that that we can offer a fully optimised solution.”

Hence, the range of hardware available from Horn has broadened significantly over the last few years, particularly in the milling sector. The System 406 Tangential milling system is said to offer high performance shoulder milling with internal coolant supply, assisting with good swarf evacuation, improved tool life and excellent surface quality.

Similarly, high levels of performance have been reported using the Type M101 disc milling cutter along with the Horn DAH37 high feed milling cutter; the latter now benefits from new positive geometry inserts.

Another recent milling development has been a 9-tooth groove milling insert. The Type 932 extends and enhances the capabilities already available directly from the 3-tooth and 6-tooth forerunners and offers 2 mm and 4 mm cutting width, resulting in 50% increase in cutting efficiency.

At the more specialised end of the spectrum, the advent of gear tooth milling systems up to module 30 are enhancing the gear tooth generation range, between module 0.5 and module 30. The range now includes the milling of spur gears and milling shaft/hub connections. Horn also offers special tooling solutions for specific customer requirements.