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Get It Made offers grants for female-led engineering enterprises

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Championing International Women in Engineering Day (23 June 2022), London-based manufacturing specialist, Get It Made, has announced a new grant to encourage the growth of female employment within UK engineering, design and manufacturing industries.

The initiative is tailored exclusively to female-led, engineering, design and manufacturing enterprises, with the grant recipient set to receive up to £10,000.

In addition to financial support, Get It Made will also be offering its expertise to help guide young female-led businesses through the challenges facing any young company in a post-covid environment.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our support to the continued efforts of increasing female representation within UK engineering. We have seen encouraging signs that female employment within manufacturing has grown over the last ten years, with a 7.61% growth in the total female workforce recorded between 2011-2021.

However, we believe that there is still much work to be done for women within manufacturing to acquire the opportunities they deserve. We are hopeful that this grant will enable us to remove barriers standing in the way of female-founded enterprises within UK manufacturing, now and in the future”.

“As one of the UK’s fastest-growing manufacturing enterprises, and having worked with many high-profile clients, we are well aware of the gender imbalance within UK engineering. We hope that this grant will help combat this imbalance,” said Luke Smoothy, founder of Get It Made Ltd.

The grant is available to female-founded or female-led engineering enterprises with fewer than 10 employees. Applications for this grant close at midnight on 31 July 2022, and can be submitted through the website here:

“From my personal experience, the more women you see within the industry, the more I hope it encourages and inspires other women to take the lead and not be intimidated. Entering a male-dominated industry has not taken away from my own femininity, but has actually made me braver and stronger,” said Aiza Sadirbayeva, project Manager at Get It Made Ltd.