Elbo-Controlli Nikken unveils new automatic presetters

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Elbo-Controlli Nikken has launched a new line-up of tool presetting machines and software that it said is "set to transform the CNC industry".

Building on four decades of expertise in precision mechanics and optics, this new range, including the E460A, E46B, E46BA, E46BP, E46C, E46CA, and E46CX models promises to redefine accuracy and efficiency in tool assembly measurements.

Key innovations include redesigned interchangeable spindle holders with patented automatic rotation and electro-mechanical clamping of the tool holder.

Furthermore, Elbo-Controlli Nikken continue to differentiate with the new presetters featuring natural granite bases and columns for enhanced and unparalleled thermal and dimensional stability.

Advanced models incorporate a patented advanced automatic spindle rotation system with pneumatic engagement, ensuring zero backlash and optimal speed control. This cutting-edge system includes spindle identification, negating operator error and ensuring tools are always measured correctly for the right machine tool taper/size.

To further accessibility and user-friendly technology, Elbo-Controlli Nikken has completely redesigned their interface and software for intuitive use and a slick finish, resembling a smartphone interface with simple gestures and touch controls. This new OS and presetter application streamline all functions and capabilities on one screen, making operations a breeze.

The E46CX

The revolutionary E46CX model elevates capabilities with full CNC functionality, powered spindle, and autonomous axis positioning. Operators can create measurement routines using an intelligent interface to set measurement points, cutting edges, theoretical values, and tolerances.

The E46CX offers fully automatic positioning of the vision system, precise spindle control, autofocus on multiple cutting edges, and adaptive identification of geometric entities. It also includes comprehensive data processing and analysis functions.

Elbo-Controlli Nikken says its latest presetter range isn't just an upgrade "it's a revolution". By seamlessly blending innovative technology with user-friendly design, the company said these new automatic machines are "poised to skyrocket productivity" in the CNC industry.