Dugard has stock Kitamura machining centres available at huge discounts

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​Dugard’s Summer Season Deals sees its range of in-stock Kitamura machines offered with discounts up to 40% off list prices.

With 60 m/min rapids, guaranteed precision levels of 2 microns positional accuracy, chip-to-chip times near 2 seconds, the Kitamura Arumatic CNC control system, linear glass scales and superior build quality, the Kitamura brand is said to “stand head and shoulders above every other brand in its class”

The Summer Deals on stock machines are:

Kitamura HX250iG Horizontal Machining Centre

The twin-pallet Kitamura HX250iG horizontal machining centre – 60 m/min rapids, a 0.9-second tool changes, pallet change time 7.9 seconds, 15,000 rpm spindle (30,000 rpm opt) and 300 rpm B-axis. Highest precision is offered through 0.001° fourth-axis indexing accuracy plus positional accuracy of +/- 2microns across a full stroke of 305 by 305 by 330mm in X, Y and Z-axis. List price is £300,052, but this machine with a 10-pallet system and 102ATC is available from stock at £190,000 – a 36% saving.

Alternately, the twin-pallet Kitamura HX250iG horizontal machining centre with a 40 tool ATC is available at £135,000.

The Kitamura HX500/630iG Horizontal Machining Centres

This super high-speed twin-pallet machining centre has 60 m/min rapids and an ultra-robust twin ballscrew design on solid box ways and offers precision levels of 2-micron positional accuracy, 0.001° on the fourth-axis with a positional accuracy of +/- 2 arc-seconds. These machines have a dual-contact BT50 4-step gear-driven spindle that offers high torque throughout the speed range.

Ex-Stock Special Offers on this model are:

The 8000 rpm four-step gearbox spindle with BT50 (1217NM) - list price of £386,000 but offered at £285,000.

The 12,000 rpm four-step gearbox spindle BT50 (1217NM) - list price of £345,000 but offered for £285,000.

The Medcenter 5AX

One of Kitamura’s most accurate micromachining centres, it is perfect for small parts and precise work. Available for up to 17% less for a limited time only, this 5-axis machine is said to be the most compact machine on the market. It boasts a 220 mm diameter trunnion table, 60 m/min rapids, a 30,000 rpm 18 kW spindle, 40 station ATC and 2-micron guaranteed positional accuracy. List price is £283,674 but offered at £202,000.

The Mytrunnion 4G 5-axis VMC

Like the Medcenter, the Mytrunnion 4G is one of Kitamura's most accurate micro-machining centres. The Mytrunnion 4G 5-axis super high-speed machining centre has a 400 mm diameter trunnion table with fourth- and fifth-axis indexing precision of 0.001°. With a 15,000 rpm BT40 direct-drive spindle, a 60-station ATC and 60 m/min rapids, the Mytrunnion 4G is said to be in a class of its own, offering a better compromise between power, productivity, precision and speed. List price of £251,674 but offered for £208,000.

And an ex-stock machine with six-pallet Erowa pallet system that has a list price of £398,000 is available at £350,000.

The Supercell 300

With a 300 mm diameter pallet, the multi-pallet 5-axis horizontal machining centre is described as the benchmark in high output production, offering “limitless flexibility and unmanned machining options”.

The Kitamura Supercell 300 incorporates a 20-station pallet pool (as standard) with 174-station ATC and a high-speed trunnion table. High-speed machining within this work envelope is courtesy of a 20,000 rpm built-in spindle, 60 m/min rapids and a powerful 22 kW spindle motor. List price of £595,000 but offered at a 44% discount, so £375,000.

Kitamura Supercell 400

Like the 300, this 5-axis multi-pallet horizontal machining centre is fully equipped with options for unmanned machining. With a 400 mm diameter pallet and a 20-station pallet pool (as standard) that are all processed on the high-speed trunnion table, this production centre is ideal for lights-out machining.

The Kitamura Supercell 400 boasts guaranteed precision levels of 2-micron positional accuracy and this is supported by 60 m/min rapids. The machine also incorporates a 20,000 rpm four-range gearbox spindle and a 140-station ATC. List price of £675,000 but offered at £450,000.