Drill sharpener discount deal

1 min read

1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA) has announced a 20 per cent discount offer on its top-of-the-range Darex XPS-16 CNC drill sharpener until the end of the year.

In addition, a 90° upgrade package worth £998.00 will also be supplied free of charge with every XPS-16 ordered. The XPS-16 offers sophisticated CNC 4-axis sharpening of a wide range of twin flute drill point types – enabling it to quickly reproduce the complex, high quality profiles found on premium HSS, cobalt and carbide drills. Its easy-to-learn touchscreen interface allows inexperienced users to produce perfectly resharpened drills in seconds. To underline the system’s capabilities and ease of operation, 1st MTA is also offering to arrange free demonstrations of the XPS-16 at customers’ premises on request. Suitable for conical, four facet, split point and radius split point bits with angles from 118-150° degrees as standard, the XPS-16 will sharpen drills from 3-16 mm diameter and 50-220 mm long. It has been designed specifically for heavy-duty use within busy machine shop environments and is easily capable of sharpening more than 400 drills per day. The unit allows up to 25 user-specific drill point geometries to be easily programmed and stored for future use A unique feature of this advanced drill sharpener is the automatic cycle to hone and deburr the cutting edge of carbide drills in less than 1 minute, extending tool life and maximising drill bit machining accuracy.