DMG Mori to hold PRE-EMO Show at Pfronten

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​In a hybrid event both on site and in a live stream, DMG Mori will show the trade fair highlights and much more at the PRE-EMO Show at Pfronten two weeks before EMO.

Experience state-of-the-art machine tool manufacturing live

  • 25 high technology machines – CO2-neutral
  • Automation: Nine autonomous manufacturing solutions from a single source
  • PAYZR: Risk-free production with equipment-as-a-service including the CLX 450 TC turn-mill centre as well as up2parts as a software-as-a-service solution for automated costing
  • Integrated Digitisation: Process-safe manufacturing along the digitised value chain
  • Milling, turning, grinding: Technology integration for maximum productivity and precision

Just two weeks before EMO in Milan, DMG Mori will be showcasing the trade fair highlights at a PRE-EMO Show from 20-25 September, 2021 at its traditional location in Pfronten.

As this is a hybrid event, the latest developments and trends in machine tool manufacturing will be presented both on site and in the form of online presentations via a live stream.

The exhibition will feature 25 CO2-neutral machines from DMG Mori's broad portfolio, including nine automation solutions such as the autonomous tool handling system TH-AGV.

DMG Mori will present the related topic of digitalization using the Digital Manufacturing Package as an example.

Another highlight is the digital subscription business model PAYZR, which has now been extended to the CLX 450 TC and up2parts. In the area of manufacturing technology, DMG Mori will demonstrate one of its core competencies, technology integration with Mill & Turn and Turn & Mill solutions in conjunction with the grinding technology cycle.

“We are delighted to finally be able to host a trade fair event with personal contacts again after such a long time,” comments Cornelius Nöß, managing director of DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, on DMG MORI's first live event after more than a year and a half. He added that DMG Mori DIGITAL EVENTS had successfully bridged the gap, but that nothing beats the on-site experience. “This is how we can provide the best insights into our high technology plant,” said Cornelius Nöß, pointing to the Excellence Factory opened in 2020.

There, monoBLOCK machining centres are produced in a continuous flow assembly using a driverless AGV transport system. In view of Covid-19, DMG MORI will implement comprehensive safety measures, maintain personal distance on the factory premises and limit admission to 500 people per day. Cornelius Nöß commented, “It goes without saying that the safety of all participants is our top priority.”


Nine autonomous manufacturing solutions from a single source

Holistic automation solutions are the defining theme for future-oriented users in machining. As a pioneer in this field, DMG Mori supplies 53 automation solutions from a single source. The machine tool manufacturer will also be presenting innovative developments for autonomous manufacturing at the PRE-EMO Show.

With the TH-AGV, DMG Mori is showing another example of its family of automated guided vehicles. It can pick up tools weighing up to 50 kg, 280 mm in diameter and 400 mm long. Maximum load weight with 16 tools is 480 kg. The safety of people and machines in collaborative operation is ensured by scanners and sensors that monitor the travel path. In addition, DMG MORI will show its modular PH CELL automation for up to 40 pallets.

The compact automation solution offers maximum flexibility. The modular design allows pallets of different sizes to be accommodated. With a footprint of 10.7 m², the PH Cell is a space-saving automation solution that allows autonomous production even in tight production areas. DMG MORI will offer the PH Cell for a wide range of 18 different machining centres.


Risk-free production with equipment-as-a-service and software-as-a-service now also with the CLX 450 TC and up2parts.

“Subscription & All-In instead of investment and purchase” is DMG Mori's formula for success for the new PAYZR business model for equipment-as-a-service and software-as-a-service. PAYZR stands for "PAY with Zero Risk" and was launched in the equipment-as-a-service segment at the beginning of the year with the compact M1 vertical machining centre.

At the PRE-EMO Show, DMG Mori is expanding the PAYZR portfolio with the CLX 450 TC. With its automatic tool change and B-axis, the turn-mill centre reduces setup times for high component variance and low batch sizes.

In the future, DMG Mori will also offer software-as-a-service with products from up2parts: up2parts calculation enables automated quotation generation based on artificial intelligence. Calculations and quotations can be created in seconds and with just a few clicks.

This not only increases efficiency in work preparation, but also the success rate in winning business and thus the competitiveness of customers in the long term, even from a batch size of 1. up2parts calculation is based on a company-specific database, which interested parties and customers can use in full in the free product up2parts cloud basic.

With unlimited storage space, machines, materials, customers and components are stored centrally – the latter as a 3D model. A geometric similarity search automatically finds identical or similar components within a few seconds.

Integrated Digitization:

Process-safe manufacturing along a digitised value chain

DMG Mori supports its customers with future-oriented solutions for networking machine tools and digitizing the value chain. Users can get off to an optimal start with the Digital Manufacturing Package. It includes DMG Mori Connectivity for networking DMG Mori machines and selected third-party brands.

DMG Mori Monitoring shows the current status of all networked machines at a glance – on a PC as well as on mobile devices. The free my DMG Mori customer portal ensures end-to-end optimisation of service processes around DMG Mori machines, while DMG Mori NETservice enables direct remote communication with DMG Mori Service. As a result, many service cases can be solved quickly and easily.

Milling, Turning, Grinding:

Technology integration for maximum productivity and precision

Against the backdrop of increasing demand for productivity and precision, DMG MORI continues to drive forward Mill & Turn and Turn & Mill technology integration and also enables grinding in the same setup.

Visitors to the PRE-EMO Show will see the exclusive DMG Mori Grinding technology cycle on the turn & mill centre CTX gamma 2000 TC as well as on a model in the duoBLOCK machining centre series in the form of the DMC 125 FD µPrecision. This machine offers very high precision thanks to a volumetric accuracy of less than 15 µm and a positioning accuracy of 4 µm.