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Copper specialist completes move to state-of-the-art Wolverhampton facility

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Specialist copper supply chain partner Metelec has completed a move to “game-changing” state-of-the-art facilities in Wolverhampton.

Metelec, a leading copper stockholder and manufacturer, has re-located to a 47,973 sq ft office and distribution centre at Hilton Cross Business Park, moving from Bloxwich.

Managing director Kevin Draper said the move represented a significant moment in the company’s history as it looks to expand and grow, with benefits for employees and customers.

“We are delighted to have completed the move to this incredible new facility,” said Kevin. “The team has done an amazing job to keep the business trading at normal levels during the two-week move period.

“We have been growing steadily for a number of years but this is game-changing for us. It future-proofs our business and allows us to push forward with our expansion plans.”

The building has an impressive multi-functional open space that can be utilised for both employee and customer events.

It is close to the M54, making deliveries across the UK much easier, and also has dock levelling facilities, allowing Metelec to accept containerised supplies for the first time, producing significant cost savings and lead time reductions.

With an EPC A-rating, the building has impressive credentials when it comes to environmentally sustainable and has EV charging points for employees and visitors. The infrastructure is in place to increase to 40 charging points.

State-of-the-art, round the clock security is also in place.

Kevin said: “We have invested a significant amount to make this a premier place to work. Our employees are proud to work here and you can see a real difference in their overall happiness.

“From an environmental point of view, this building delivers huge energy savings and we’re planning to introduce an integrated renewable energy management system, which we simply couldn’t have done at the old building.

“We are looking at integrated PV panels on the roof, battery storage and we’re thinking ahead to truck charging points. We are way ahead of our competitors in terms of sustainability and comfortably have the lowest copper carbon footprint.

“The proximity to the motorway is a massive advantage and being able to send and receive containers for the first time produces huge cost savings.”

Further investment is planned with research underway to determine what machinery will be needed for future manufacturing.

Metelec is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist manufacturers of busbars and a distributor of copper bar, copper profiles and copper components. It is the UK logistics arm of Gindre Duchavany, the largest manufacturer of copper extruded bars in Europe.

The company turns over more than £30m per annum and is a trusted supply chain partner to a growing number of switchgear specialists. In 2022 the business celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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