Cambashi: How the global pandemic is reshaping supply chains

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New insights from Cambashi reveal how operational and technological investments can provide solutions to the challenges faced by the logistics industry following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cambashi Industry Fundamentals insights reveal how the pandemic is reshaping global supply chains, from globalisation to localisation, to diversification. It focuses on how the pandemic has disrupted supply chains around the world, and why the hangover from these impacts is still being felt today.

“The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of relying on a single source or location for manufacturing and production,” said Joe Brooker, Cambashi.

“Many manufacturers believed that re-shoring production to local markets would be a possible solution. Additionally, investing in new technologies can improve visibility and automation in the supply chain, enabling companies to better manage their operations.

"By adopting a strategic approach to supply chain management and logistics, businesses can build more resilient and agile supply chains that can weather future disruptions.”

He added: “Many businesses are implementing new digital tools and platforms to improve supply chain visibility and enhance their ability to track and manage shipments in real-time. Additionally, some logistics providers are investing in new warehouses, transportation networks, and other infrastructure to support their operations in new markets.

"As well as identifying the different categories of products and grasping the different business strategies, businesses must also engage with the main areas of change, growth, and risks in the industry.”

According to Cambashi, the companies best placed to deal with the challenges and maximise the opportunities in these markets are those who are well prepared and take advantage of tactical industry intelligence, updated in real-time by industry experts, that provides the latest information from across the globe. 

For anyone selling into the Manufacturing industries, it`s important to understand the industry challenges — read the article From Globalization, to Localization, to Diversification: The Pandemic is Reshaping Supply Chains or find more information across a variety of industries - Access Cambashi’s Industry Insights.