Cadline to sell CloudNC’s CAM Assist AI software to UK CAD CAM programmers

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CloudNC - a manufacturing technology company backed by Autodesk and Lockheed Martin - today announces that Cadline, an Autodesk Platinum Partner supplying innovative design and data management technologies, is to sell CAM Assist, the world’s first AI solution for CNC machine programming, to its customers in the UK.

Cadline, part of the global ARKANCE group, works with thousands of UK machinists and CAD CAM programmers, supplying them with manufacturing technology and services. Its new reseller partnership with CloudNC will immediately make CAM Assist available to those users, allowing even more machinists and programmers in the UK to benefit from its efficiency gains.

Theo Saville, founder of CloudNC, said: “CAM Assist is evolving incredibly rapidly, and so are our relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of manufacturing technology. Cadline and ARKANCE are leading names in this field, and their support will mean more UK CAM programmers will benefit from CAM Assist’s unique capability, now including strategy creation for 3+2 axis components, saving them hundreds of hours of programming and estimating time a year.”

Justin Barnes, head of digital advanced manufacturing at Cadline, said: “CAM Assist is the most exciting manufacturing technology solution to come to the market for quite some time - maybe ever - as it essentially changes how machinists can deploy their resources and boosts their efficiency in a way that wasn’t previously thought possible. I’m delighted to be able to make it available for our educated, engaged customer base, as it’s exactly the kind of solution they will benefit from.”

CAM Assist uses advanced computer science techniques and AI to generate intuitive machining strategies in minutes or seconds, depending on complexity, which could take CNC machine programmers hours or even days to manually create.

As a result, the amount of time it takes to program a CNC machine to make a component - a bottleneck in many factories – is greatly reduced, compared to the previous manual programming process, as is the time spent to estimate how much a new component will cost to program.

That gain enables manufacturers using CAM Assist to raise productivity and shorten lead times, while also estimating for more work, more quickly - saving an average workshop over 300 hours of programming and estimating time a year.

CAM Assist is available for Autodesk Fusion today, both via and the Autodesk App Store, and will be integrated into other CAD CAM packages later in 2024.