BEL Valves invests £250,000 to future proof business

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Northeast manufacturer BEL Valves, part of the British Engines Group, has invested £250,000 over the last 18 months to future proof the business as part of its sustainability plans. To fulfil these plans, BEL Valves has invested in two state of the art automated storage and retrieval units which have transformed the stores and stock handling process. Additional work to upgrade the assembly and test offices, testing bays, lighting and paint work has started.

The changes in the oil and gas industry and the worldwide goal of achieving net zero have challenged the business to reassess the long-term future of the deep-sea oil and gas industry.

Following an extensive restructure in 2020, the valve manufacturer aims to generate up to £20 million in sales by 2025 as part of a five-year plan, targeting both the energy transition market and traditional markets.

With over 50 years’ experience, the business has developed a large portfolio of topside and subsea applications, specialising in high integrity, complex valve solutions for applications including subsea high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS) and high pressure and high temperature ultra-deep applications for critical service conditions, including the first subsea gate valve in 1985.

As part of the plan, BEL Valves has introduced a ‘one team environment’ where employees meet daily to ensure they are working towards the same targets. The business has also opened opportunities for employees to work offsite or offshore at an installed base. To further contribute towards a net zero world, BEL Valves has committed to sending no waste to landfill and
plans to rewild an unused area of its site to attract natural habitat.

Richard Turner, CEO, said: “The last 18 months have been hard for many businesses, but we are performing well and are in a much better place to take part in the transition towards a zero-carbon world.”