AXYZ Router and WardJet Waterjet Expo event to take place in Telford

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Industry leader in cutting and routing systems, AXYZ routers and WARDJET waterjets have announced the next Telford Expo event at the UK Headquarters, taking place on Wednesday 1 March.

This one day event will showcase the AXYZ and WARDJET portfolio of machines, an event filled with live CNC Router and Waterjet application demonstrations and training. Visitors will be able to tour the Router and Waterjet demonstration areas to see these incredible machines in action.

Each system will be running various materials and applications to give the visitors the broadest of experiences in showcasing the versatility of the product range. Experienced applications and product experts will be on-site to train attendees in best practices and to answer all their CNC questions.

Highlights of the Expo will include:


  • METALWORKER comes loaded with standard high-performance features optimised to cut aluminium, copper, zinc, metal composites and mild steel.
  • A rigid frame and large stress relieved gantry reduce tool motor vibrations and provides fantastic edge quality.
  • Maximise productivity through a series of application-specific features ranging from low RPM, high torque spindle options to ultra-fast, 40K spindles for continuous operation.


  • A compact and fully integrated 5-axis solution, the Apex 60 allows for 5-axis cuts up to 60° and Taper Angle Control. Weld prep, bevel, and cut complex 5-axis shapes with the APEX 60.

Also on show visitors will see the AXYZ INFINITE, TRIDENT and INNOVATOR Router systems along with the X-Series WATERJET with the APEX 60 5-AXIS HEAD and the A-SERIES small format waterjet. There will be a machine to cover all bases!

Visitors will also be introduced to AAG’s industry leading control interface MOVE that drives all machine tasks and is designed to optimise the operation of the CNC machine. Perform tool changes, set up your work offsets, call up a new file, or optimise the cutting speed. MOVE is designed to make machine operation easy and intuitive.

Also onsite will be AAG industry partner Cadline who produce Autodesk Fusion 360 – a fully integrated CAD/CAM software that helps the user to produce high-quality CNC machined parts, allowing the operator to achieve the most from their CNC machines. Providing advanced manufacturing functionality for 3-5 axis toolpath strategies, toolpath optimisation and process automation.

There will also be lunch and the chance to walk around all of the systems to see their capabilities with many different materials on-site and experts will answer any questions.

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