£100k boost for innovative Telford sheet metal firm's machinery advances

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Wrekin Sheet Metal, a leading fabrication and assembly specialist in Telford, has received more than £113,000 in research and development (R&D) tax relief from the government for advances to its machinery. The business worked with Ryan, a leading global tax services and software provider, on its most recent tax relief claim.

At any one time, Wrekin could be working on 450 to 500 different components from 10 different industries. Making advancements to its machinery that go far beyond what is already available in the industry enables Wrekin to mass-produce nonstandard products for the automotive, aircraft, and security industries, among many others.

Historically, manufacturers had machine shops to produce the components and parts they need to build the products they sell. Over the past two decades, many companies have changed the way they operate, and outsourcing to businesses like Wrekin has become much more common.

Often, Wrekin’s expansive range of technical equipment can bend, shape, and press the components as a standard process. However, on certain items, a complete research and development project is required because the knowledge or machinery to achieve certain shaped parts is not available within the industry.

Some of Wrekin’s most recent R&D activity involved producing components for commercial refrigerators. This involved developing new advanced methods of sheet-metal folding, pressing, and cutting, and designing machine adaptations, among other tools, for both testing prototypes and delivering the finished product.

As well as undertaking R&D activity when tasked to produce specific components, Wrekin continually looks for how it can make efficiencies and improvements.

Simon Orpe, sales director at Wrekin Sheet Metal, said: "“We are always trying to stay ahead of the game, and R&D is an important part of that. The team at Ryan were professional and easy to work with, and very thorough. The money is being invested straight back into the business.

"We have made significant investments in the past couple of years, including £2 million in new machinery. We are also investing in the development of our own team members. There is a big skill shortage in the industry, so it’s critical that we ensure the foundations are strong so we can continue to grow.”

Kully Nijjar, authorised independent partner of Ryan, added: “Wrekin operates in a very competitive environment, so R&D ensures they stay at the forefront of their industry. The company is committed to finding new ways to innovate, which helps them grow but also produces great results for their customers. The tax relief they have received will play an important role in helping them develop more R&D projects.”