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The Machinery Interview: Luke Smoothy, Get it Made

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Online subcontract manufacturer Get It Made has grown at pace since it was set up. Machinery first spoke to director Luke Smoothy back in May 2020, at the start of the Covid-pandemic and nearly three years on, we caught up with him to see how business is and hear about plans to evolve the company

Q) How has business been over the last few since Machinery last caught up with you nearly three years ago?

Luke: Business has been good and we are at around £2m (turnover) but has been a bit harder the last six months. I am not too sure why. It does not take a lot to make us super busy so there is a big portion of luck with the big projects landing at the right time evening the peaks and troughs out, but there has been a few more troughs than peaks at the minute. It is still going well though.

Get It Made has never been a growth business and it is not one thing where we thought “right we are going to grow,” but we just have grown as a consequence from doing a good job. The true growth is doing a job from those returning clients just coming back. We now have around 800 clients; some might just order once with us, but there is a percentage that are repeat clients that come back every month.

Q) Has doing business changed in the last few years?

Luke: Business used to be much simpler and easy before Covid, Brexit, the Ukraine conflict and supply chain issues. Prices were stable and competitive, you knew when something was shipped it would be shipped quickly.

Brexit has also made it more difficult for us with all the customs documents and it takes a week or longer to ship to somewhere like Lithuania for example. It is also got very complicated since we last spoke.

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