The Machinery Interview: James Selka - CEO The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA)

MACH 2022 is just over a month away and is one of the important in history after four years since the last addition. Ahead of the event, we spoke to James Selka, CEO of The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), the organiser of MACH

Q) How important is MACH 2022 to the manufacturing technologies sector and is it arguably the most vital yet after four years away?

James: With latest economic indicators forecasting strong growth within the UK economy, there has never been a more important exhibition for the UK’s manufacturing and engineering industries than MACH 2022.

Aside from being the first national gathering of the UK engineering community post-Covid-19, the exhibition will feature the largest display of new machinery and advanced manufacturing technologies under one roof in the UK for four years.

MACH 2022 is vital to the manufacturing and engineering technologies sector as it brings together the industry in a strength not seen since 2018. This gathering of likeminded people will enable companies to interact in a way not since before the pandemic.

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