Supply side: Studer

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Swiss-based grinding machine tool manufacturer Fritz Studer held its annual event last month. Justin Burns attended the event, where the company revealed its plans and strategy for 2024 and further ahead

Cylindrical grinding machine manufacturer Fritz Studer held its annual press conference in Switzerland last month at its Steffisburg headquarters in the Bernese Alps, under the theme the ‘Sound of Studer’ – where it detailed how the company performed in 2023 and its plans for the year ahead.

A principal focus of the event was on Studer’s entry-level machines and the machine builder explains that a big move this year is to make upgrades to its popular favoritCNC with a successor machine in development – and it is set to be launched in the next few months.

Some details were revealed and new features will include an angle display of the wheelhead, the QuickSet setup function, and a conventional mode as a manual grinding cycle that efficiently allows for the manual grinding of workpieces without any programming.

Another key area of focus was automation systems and the insertLoad, which was launched at EMO in September and has proven popular in the marketplace, along with Studer’s roboLoad and uniLoad systems.

Due to strong growth, Studer also notes that it is starting a major investment project that will make its logistics centre state-of-the-art and it will soon start this year and be continued in 2025.

This project will see a connected container warehouse that is highly-automated that will benefit machine production and is essential for spare parts processing. The centrepiece of the project will see the creation of a central logistics hub which will help power Studer’s future success.

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