Supply side: Laser focus

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Yamazaki Mazak is best-known for its machining centres and turning centres, but it is making a major push to grow its market share of the laser processing machine market in the UK and the focus is paying off

Yamazaki Mazak has an outstanding reputation as one of the leading machine tool manufacturers, but is less known for its laser processing machines, although now it is beginning to penetrate the UK market and grow its presence as its ‘done-in-one’ philosophy gains traction.

The manufacturer is growing its market share by leveraging its renowned machine build quality and through the launch of new state-of the-art laser technology to the marketplace.

Ian White, general sales manager national distributors & UK, explains to Machinery that there has been a strong focus in recent years from the company on laser processing machines and a dedicated strategy to grow this arm of the business.

“Just over 10 years ago, the Mazak laser business was a separate business unit so there has been a lot of change around Europe, which is still ongoing,” says White. “In the UK there has been strong growth and that continues every year. We are increasing by about 10- 20% each year, which I don’t see stopping.

“The amount of development that Mazak is putting into manufacturing laser products is paying off and we have launched four new products in the last 12 months.”

Mazak has grown its portfolio of laser processing machines and last year, it unveiled two new “game-changing” machines for the cutting of tube, pipe andsheet metal in the FG-400 NEO and OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO 15 kW.

White notes that this product development only bodes well for future growth in the market. When you factor in the range of automation and software in its armoury, Mazak has a very strong solutions package that it can offer customers looking to invest.

Mazak has supplied laser processing machines to an extensive range of UK market sectors, notably to medical and aerospace OEMs, but also to a host of other industries, all of whom are looked after by a team of more than 20 Mazak application engineers.

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