Production IT: CNC asset management

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Reaching the height of machine tool potential with CNC asset management software by Zoltan Tomoga, product manager, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division

A central tenet of smarter manufacturing is using production data as a roadmap for improving efficiency by preventing bottlenecks and quickly resolving problems when they inevitably occur.

While machine tool data is generated every time a part is machined, many manufacturing operations remain a rich fount of untapped information that, if utilised, could significantly shorten a company’s journey to greater productivity.

Stopping problems in their tracks has grown easier in step with the availability of robust tools that help identify the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of both computer numerical control (CNC) machinery and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

These tools help combat emergencies, lay the groundwork for better and more consistent machine utilisation, and uncover the root causes of problems that plague efficiency.

Software that collects exhaustive data about equipment usage is also capable of providing machine-tool information in real time to simplify tracking jobs. Collected over time, this data can be used to help manufacturers devise plans for better asset utilisation.

These cloud-based applications help shop-floor staff and company management alike make informed decisions that increase efficiency while protecting investments in advanced equipment.


Born of the same technology used to collect performance data from CMMs, cloud-native asset management for CNC machine tools
offers nearly identical benefits.

The software provides a point of access for employees to quickly gather information on job tasks, determine how efficiently the company’s manufacturing cells are running, and to investigate problems.

Real-time status information and customisable alerts help manufacturers monitor machinery and analyse utilisation in a single shop or across several locations from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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