Industry 4.0 & automation: Workplace benefits

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Do like Swedish car manufacturer Volvo: How cobot automation can help manufacturers create better workplaces and attract talent

For manufacturers, it’s hardly news that robots can boost productivity. But robots can also be a key asset for companies striving to create better workplaces for their employees – and can help businesses in their efforts to retain and attract talent.

In fact, in an age of increasing labour scarcity and when younger generations need new reasons to enter manufacturing, the role of robots in creating better workplaces is pivotal.

One of those businesses is Volvo Cars. The well-known and trusted Swedish car company uses robots throughout their production, mainly large, traditional industrial robots that are gated and lift several tons at a time.

Now they are also starting to introduce smaller collaborative robots working side-by-side with humans. Here are three ways robotic automation can help create better workplaces – with all the benefits it brings for both employer and employee. 

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