Grinding, honing & surface finishing: Tried and tested

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Precision engineering companies must invest in and utilise grinding machine technology that they can rely on to get the desired results. Ingold Tools has achieved exactly that

Contract manufacturers in particular must be able to have complete trust in the technologies, machines, and processes they use, as only then can they manufacture one-off and small-batch  components with extreme precision and process reliability.

Switzerland-based precision manufacturer Ingold Tools, relies on CNC cylindrical grinding machines from machine tool manufacturer

Ingold Tools managing director Christoph Jenzer explains that his production specialists have had excellent experiences with the machines for many years.

He adds: “Even on an old grinding machine that has a belt drive and is close to being an antique itself, our experts were able to achieve exceptional roundness accuracy and superior surface quality on the machined workpieces.

“The outstanding quality of Studer’s grinding machines has continuously impressed me for many years.”

Jenzer puts a premium on reliable technology, consistently investing in tried and tested grinding machines.

“As in the past, the quality of a grinding machine continues to be determined by whether it has a stable and fully settled platform,” he says. “That’s why, up to now, we have exclusively procured grinding machines that have already proven themselves over several years. Naturally, this is very advantageous from an economic perspective.”

After annual investments starting in 2014, the manufacturing facility in Inkwil now boasts eight Studer cylindrical grinding machines.

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