Exhibition review: EMO 2023

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EMO 2023 – the globe’s biggest machine tool and manufacturing technology show – took place in Hannover, Germany, from 18-23 September. We take a look at some of the technology that was showcased at the event

2023 took place in September at Hannover Messe in Germany with more than 1,850 exhibitors from 45 countries and 92,000 trade visitors from 130 countries attending the manufacturing technology extravaganza.

On show was everything for the future of production, including new solutions for automation, for networking within the factory and for sustainable production.

The core themes of EMO 2023 were automation, digitalization, and sustainability.


One of the tooling highlights at EMO, was the launch by Ceratizit at a press event, of the first Product Carbon Footprint Standard (PCF) for carbide products. Since 18 September, the PCF classification of the first wave of products is displayed in the shop and on all invoices. Detailed information on the PCF of the corresponding products can be requested as an additional service. 

“The start of the systematic introduction of PCF figures in our product portfolio is an important milestone. Not only do they allow our customers to calculate their own corporate carbon footprint more accurately.

"The PCF figures also provide the basis for setting up a strategy to reduce their own emissions,” explains Ceratizit executive board spokesman Dr Andreas Lackner.

The alphabetical classification has six classes from A to F, allows companies to know and assess a product’s footprint with a single glance. The second option includes an average PCF value in kg CO2e/kg product as well as a summary overview of the total carbon footprint related to the listed products and volume manufactured and supplied in a customer-defined time period.


In terms of machine tool highlights, one that stood out was the launch by Heller at a press event of the F 6000 5-axis machining centre. CEO Thorsten Schmidt explains that Heller is “successfully transferring the high demands of the automotive industry to other exciting sectors”.

The 5-axis machine with head kinematics is designed from the ground up for flexible, powerful series production and a compact of 3.70 metres. It includes free chip fall, short idle times, optimum automation capability and compatibility with the H and FP series for a wide range of workpieces.

For combined milling and turning operations, the machine is equipped with the optional Mill-Turn function, in which the hightorque DDT (Direct Drive Turning) rotary table with speeds up to 700 rpm plays a key role. In line with the trend towards complete machining, this eliminates the need for reclamping on separate turning machines.

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