Decarbonising UK energy

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​An innovative decarbonising energy project that will help increase the amount of renewable energy transmitted on the UK electricity system and prevent power blackouts, is taking shape and on target to be operational later this year.

The new approach to managing the stability on the National Grid, will see the first project taking place at Keith Greener Grid Park, in Moray, Scotland, located near the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks transmission substation at Keith. It is part of the Greener Grid Park being led by hydropower and renewable energy specialist Statkraft.

At the heart of the Keith project are installations of two large rotating stabiliser synchronous machines manufactured by GE Power Conversion at its Rugby site – designed to provide stable flows of energy through the grid network.

These large machines with built-in flywheels replace the spinning turbines of a traditional power station, but without emitting any carbon dioxide.

Other companies in the supply chain are also making the Keith grid stability project a reality, including steel casting and forging specialist Sheffield Forgemasters, which is manufacturing the key component of the main rotator shaft and hub.

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