Charged & ready - electric air travel

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While electric cars are today a reality, albeit we will see many further strides yet in the development of that technology, the aerospace industry has a larger challenge and is still early into its journey. Andrew Allcock offers this snapshot

The ever-ebullient and publicity-friendly Elon Musk of electric car maker Tesla fame was reported by online organ Electrek ( in July this year as saying that electric aircraft would be put into use within five years. He already has a design for an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, in fact. But battery technology must improve, he adds, saying that Li-Ion batteries need to achieve a 400 Wh/kg energy density in order for batteries to best kerosene and make his electric aircraft viable.

Today, high cycling battery cells are achieving about 300 Wh/kg of energy density, the article adds. It should be said that Musk has not yet said that his company is going to produce such a plane, however, or revealed much detail about the design. It is likely that it is one of the many small, personal or taxi-type electric aircraft currently being developed. According to an article on the Royal Aeronautical Society’s website published in December 2017 (https://, there were some 300+ start-ups and established companies active in that area even then.

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