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Renishaw is one of the jewels in the crown of British engineering and this year, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark the milestone, Renishaw held an event at its factory in Miskin, South Wales which Justin Burns attended

There is a wealth of engineering expertise in the UK but there are not enough large-scale home-owned engineering firms that are continually pushing the envelope globally in developing manufacturing technology and advancing precision manufacturing.

Obviously there is a number that do, and one such company is Renishaw, which stands out as one the country’s finest engineering firms and continues to go from strength to strength. Machinery interestingly, was also the first print title that the company took out an advertisement with.

This year, Renishaw celebrates its 50th anniversary of bringing its measuring systems and production systems to market with its CMM and machine tool probes, machine calibrators, gauging systems, encoders, non-contact tool setters, additive manufacturing (AM) systems and other products used by manufacturers across the globe.

Renishaw held a press event last month at its Miskin, South Wales manufacturing plant, where it welcomed journalists from as far away as the USA to mark the milestone, discuss where it is at business wise, reveal expansion plans and its future vision.


Listed on the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 250 index, Renishaw is now an engineering powerhouse with a valuation of around £3bn and employs 5,200 employees in 36 countries, including 3,400 staff at its sites in the UK, primarily in Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Renishaw was ‘born global’, supplying the majority of its products to overseas markets from its early years due to the location of CMM manufacturers, and today 95% of annual sales are derived from exports, with its largest markets being China, USA, Germany and Japan.

Renishaw’s vast array of technology helps manufacturers of all sizes around the globe reduce the amount of material they use, be more productive and more sustainable in their manufacturing processes.

Speaking at the event, executive chairman and co-founder Sir David McMurtry, says that he never expected the company he co-founded back in 1973 would become so successful and it has been nice seeing it grow as it has.

He believes the main thing at the current time for Renishaw is there is “still momentum” with the business and the opportunities are only “getting better and better” than they ever were.

There are not many Renishaw’s in the UK and Sir David feels a key part to ensure success of a company is “getting the vision” sorted out, which although difficult, is so important and has been a major reason why the company he co-founded has thrived and grown.

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