5-axis: Opening opportunities

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New 5-axis machining centre makes low-cost jobs viable at G&J (CNC) Services; Velocity Precision expands and adds more 5-axis capacity; plus, Rolls-Royce brings manufacturing of fixtures for intermediate pressure turbine blades in-house with new 5-axis machine investment

Many prismatic machining contracts are ideally fulfilled on a 5-axis machining centre, which enables
components to be produced cost effectively.

This is because the two rotary axes are able to position the component quickly and automatically in various orientations for milling and drilling, without the need for expensive fixtures and multiple set-ups by hand.

A problem arises, however, if the components being produced do not command a high selling price, as most 5-axis plant tends to be expensive and investment often cannot be justified.

Subcontractor G&J (CNC) Services has apparently found a solution - the Leadwell V-30iT 3+2-axis BT40 machining centre from
WH-Lead. The entry-level price of less than six figures belies the 5-axis machine's extensive capabilities.

The hourly rate the subcontractor charges based on the investment allows less complex prismatic components to be produced efficiently at prices that compare favourably with those quoted by competitors in low-wage countries.

Of novel configuration, the V-30iT has a 205mm diameter rotary table mounted on a swivelling trunnion driven from one side. It is
supported on the other side not by a simple bearing block, but by a similar unit built into the side of a 450 x 300mm fixed table. It is
unusual on a machine that is already inexpensive to find such a major addition.

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