VPulse 500 is not just the successor to the tried-and-tested QWD series, it is also equipped with a new erosion generator and the most advanced technology. Modern machine kinematics ensure high profile accuracy in both production and tool maintenance. V is now the new Q.

Vollmer’s operating concept for the VPulse 500 is designed around intuition. Its touch-screen acts as a human-machine interface that simplifies programming and control to guarantee quick, error-free operation. This means that even complex tasks can be carried out after a short training period.

PCD tools are measured and eroded in one clamping process in which simultaneous path interpolation along five CNC axes guarantees that milling cutters, drills and multi-stage tools are machined precisely. The machining process has the option to be carried out with unsupported clamping or with a counter-point unit for the machining between the tool centres.

A new Vpulse EDM generator ensures higher stock removal rates or improved surface quality. As is the case for the previous QWD machines, the eroding wire for the VPulse 500 also functions as an electrode. The wire is guided close enough to the workpiece that a spark is generated between the electrode and the workpiece and removes the material from the PCD-tipped cutting edge. Thanks to the fine eroding wire, complex geometries and the smallest inner radii that are commonplace on multi-stage tools and bell-shaped tools can be machined precisely.

The VPulse 500 integrated technology database simplifies and improves the handling of preconfigured parameters with its user-friendliness that allows material-specific machining programs to be selected in no time. Depending on the requirements of the tool manufacturer, the technology database can be added to individually. Intelligent automation solutions allow the wire erosion machines to be operated on a multi-shift basis, or in unmanned operation at weekends. Workpiece storage for the VPulse 500 is available for 16, 28 and 65 workpieces. PCD tools weighing up to 25 kg can be machined using the Vollmer machine.

“The VPulse 500 marks the beginning of a new era of wire erosion for us – not only in terms of technology and applications, but also in our naming style,” says Dr.-Ing. Stefan Brand, CEO of the Vollmer Group. “The V stands for Vollmer and the second part of the name describes the technology. 'Pulse' refers to the generator technology, which is used in the VPulse 500 and sets a faster pace for the erosion process.”