GapGun measures a section of a component and records an image of its profile. This image is then imported into Inspect where the operator can look at specific sections or features of interest. This is achieved by using simple multi-section drag and drop tools, such as the circle fit or distance tool.Operator's can dictate exactly what features they want to measure by clicking, dragging, dropping and fitting these tools on to the profile. Live results appear on screen and the user can do this as many times, and in as many different ways, as required.

Inspect eliminates the need to carry out tool configuration in SPC3d prior to taking a measurement, thereby reducing operator training time. Tool tips and captions also provide a helpful interface to guide and prompt operators to maximise the software's benefit allowing. Additionally, Inspect has a CAD comparison feature, allowing an operator to check that a component is built to specification. This is achieved by importing CAD images and comparing the quality and accuracy of the build with the original design.

Results wise, Inspect provides fast, live, accurate, traceable and reliable digital results that shadowgraph techniques just can’t compete when inspecting complex shapes. This is due to the fact that shadowgraphs are taken manually and require operators to mould, cut and recordresults which is time consuming, unrepeatable and open to interpretation, therefore making shadowgraphs inherently unreliable. Inspect’s results are displayed in real time as the component’s profile is dissected and can be compared, saved and exported to PDF, or printed for use in management reports.