The Roemheld quick die-change range includes sliding clamps, hollow piston cylinders and hydro-mechanical clamping nuts with clamping forces up to 30 kN – with a diameter of only 50 mm. These items are suitable for installation in T-slots from 12 mm.

For precarious space conditions, the company also offers magnetic clamping plates that are permanently installed on the press table. This configuration allows dies of any size and geometry to be securely clamped in seconds, even when space is completely limited for the use of other clamping elements.

With the aid of roller and ball bars, which can be used to move the die effortlessly, set-up can also be simplified and accelerated.

Andreas Reich, product manager die-clamping technology, sees great potential for the innovation as, in many cases, dies are still clamped with screws: "This not only takes a long time - the die is also often ‘distorted’,” he says. “Thus, product output suffers and upper dies wear out very quickly. Simple hydraulic or mechanical clamping elements are quickly retrofitted and pay for themselves within a short period of time."

Die changing carts with a load of up to 1,600 kg complete the range.