In addition to its environmental advantages, the Europa eturn range also offers a high specification, with an electronic variable-speed spindle featuring Schneider frequency inverter. Transmission is via a Norton-type gearbox that delivers constant power and torque. Each machine in the range is also equipped with a Newall NMS300 2-axis digital readout for ease-of-use, while Bison has been selected as the work-holding partner, allowing a 3-jaw scroll and 4-jaw independent chuck to be supplied as standard equipment.

There are eight machines in the range, starting with the compact Europa eturn VS330 with a 330 mm swing over bed (510 mm in the gap), and either 750 or 1,000 mm between centres. Spindle speed is totally variable between 40 and 2,500 rpm, with two gear ranges to allow constant torque. Longitudinal feed rates are between 0.02 and 1.04 mm/rev.

The other machines in the Europe eturn range are the VS360, VS390, VS460, VS510, VS560, VS660 and VS760, with the number designating the swing over bed. The larger machines in the range feature a 3-range gearbox with maximum spindle speeds from 2,500 rpm down to 1,400 rpm on the largest model. Between-centre distances across the series are from 750 mm through to 6,000 mm, dependent on which machine is chosen. All of the lathes feature a hardened and ground bed, while the headstock is equipped with NSK heavy-duty taper roller bearings.

“The EEMT energy-saving features will be a big bonus to customers, who will typically be education establishments, tool rooms and small-to-medium production facilities, where machines are often left standing while other tasks are undertaken,” says Simon Rood, director and general manager at RK International. “The variety of machine sizes and bed lengths means that there is a Europa eturn VS lathe for virtually every application.”