QCut is suitable for roughing and finishing operations, with its geometry design making it an all-rounder for slotting, profiling, high-speed machining and trochoidal milling. Anyone machining steel and hardened alloys will see productivity improvements with reduced costs, says Quickgrind, although QCut also generates performance benefits on cast iron.

QCut is not offered with specific dimensional parameters, as Quickgrind prefers to meet the exact demands of the end user. This means that QCut is available in a complete range of dimensional parameters with overall lengths, flute lengths and neck lengths to meet customer requirements. Likewise, the shank and cutting diameter, as well as the corner radii, can be specified to suit.

The next-generation geometry design is said to offer efficient chip evacuation, while suppressing vibration and harmonic effects, which improves surface finish and material removal rates. Furthermore, QCut is manufactured from Quickgrind’s micro-grain substrate that is combined with the company’s latest coating technology to improve wear resistance and prolong tool life.