Align Solid Body

The Align Solid Body function simplifies the process of aligning solid models for turning. You can define the centre of the rotation for the part and select the appropriate geometry. Mastercam will then rotate to an isometric view where you can use the dynamic gnomon to adjust the origin.

Chip Break

A new option and dialog box has been added to the Lathe Rough and Lathe Contour Rough toolpaths to establish when chip breaks occur. This is valuable when working with stringy materials, such as aluminium or plastic, and allows you to set length and time conditions, retract, and dwell options.

TNRC Control for B-axis Turning Operations

The Tool Angle dialog box contains new options that were previously only available for Mill-Turn operations. These options tell Mastercam which quadrant was used to touch off the tool. When creating a toolpath where the tool’s control point is not where the user wants it to be, this option allows it to be swapped.

Also available in the Mastercam 2017 Lathe are:

  • Simplified process for selecting the tool plane, origin, and display mode in the Lathe operations (as demonstrated in main video).
  • The new Axis Combination/Spindle Origin dialog box filters available tool planes, displaying only those planes having the correct orientation for the selected axis combination.
  • Lathe Stock Model operations now allows manipulation of the Lathe stock boundary, using Mill