The latest release of JETCAM Expert benefits from several major enhancements. For instance, JETCAM’s JET-Cut and JET-Optimizer have both received numerous improvements over their first release, based on user feedback. JET-Cut applies fly cutting during the ‘tooling’ process, automatically identifying areas that can benefit, while JET-Optimizer is deployed to create the optimal cutting path (avoiding previously cut areas).

A newly developed component simulator allows users to simulate the cutting of a single part, rather than having to create a nest with one component. JETCAM Expert also benefits from a newly devised report designer, permitting customers to quickly create complex custom reports using drag and drop functionality.

In addition, the release contains various other customer requests and fixes, as well as four further post-processors and updates to many existing post-processors, allowing more machines to take advantage of JET-Cut.

JOC also benefits from dozens of newly introduced features and enhancements. For example, a tool graph is now used to display the number of tool hits per nest when one or more nests are selected – useful when calculating the remaining life of a tool. Newly developed filtering options include the ability to filter components based on whether they are tooled for a specific machine, or to filter assemblies that include one or more component names.

In JOC Premium Automation, the latest component reprogramming option allows entire folders of parts to be reprogrammed in just a couple of clicks. Hence, when a new machine is purchased, all components can be automatically re-tooled to suit, ready for nesting.

Both JETCAM Expert and JOC are available for immediate download from the JETCAM website, and are free to all customers with a current maintenance contract.